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CC And OD Limit

CC And OD Limit

Cash credit and overdraft both refer to lines of credit with a lender. These terms also can refer to the types of bank accounts that allow you to withdraw more funds than you actually have on deposit—hence, the words “credit” and “over.” Both are used to prevent checks from bouncing or debit cards from being declined when there are insufficient funds in checking accounts.

At the simplest level, cash credit and overdraft are just forms of borrowing. An institution allows you to withdraw funds that you do not have, usually in small amounts. The primary difference between these forms of borrowing is how they are secured. Business accounts are more likely to receive cash credit, and it typically requires collateral in some form. Overdrafts, on the other hand, allow account holders to have a small negative balance without incurring a large overdraft fee.

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Cash Credit Limit :

Cash credit is more commonly offered to businesses than individuals. It requires that a security be offered up as collateral on the account in exchange for cash. This security can be a tangible asset, such as stock, raw materials, or another commodity.

Overdraft Limit :

The two most common types of overdrafts are a standard overdraft on a checking account and a secured overdraft account that loans cash against various financial instruments. A standard overdraft is the act of withdrawing more funds from an account than the balance normally would permit.

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